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Thank You to our Supporters

Thank you to the following individuals who have contributed to the Brass Band of Battle Creek during 2011.  We could not continue our mission "to bring joy, understanding and inspiration to others through the power of music" without your support!


**We do our very best to keep this page updated at all times.  If you see an error or an omission please contact us.  Thank you!

PERFORMER'S CIRCLE ($9999-$5000)
  • Sally O'Dell
  • Joe and Clara Stewart
CORNET ($4,999-$2,500)
  • Paul and Gretchen Humiston
  • Larraine R. Matusak
TROMBONE ($2,400-$1,000)
  • Dr. Jeffrey and Diane Andert
  • Tom Franke
  • John Leipparndt
  • Joe and Dawn McCorkle
  • Katherine Neeley
  • Dr. Joe Schwarz
PERCUSSION ($999-$500)
  • Carol Badgley
  • Chris and Betty Christ
  • Dr. Waldo Frankenstein
  • Timothy and Mary Goaley
  • Bill and Deborah Gray
  • Jim and Loreen Niewenhuis
  • Martin and Virgil Uitvlugt
EUPHONIUM/TUBA ($499-$250)
  • Ann Acker
  • Diane K. Basso
  • James and Paula Bauer
  • Dr. Henry and Jean Brown
  • Jo Buckenberger
  • Peter and Carolyn Christ
  • Ann Couch
  • CK Klinke
  • Dr. David and Kathleen Lambrix
  • Karl and Sarah Loomis
  • Kathleen Strang
TENOR HORN ($249-$100)
  • Lanson and Linda Becker
  • Mac and Sue Behnke
  • Ray and Cathy Campbell
  • Bob and Marlene Failing
  • Roger and Patricia Fosdick
  • Lou and Betty Frey
  • Jim and Linda Grubka
  • Rodney and Susan Halonen
  • Fred and Melody Hasselback
  • Bob and Patti Huiskamp
  • Steve and Diane Johncock
  • Kurt Johnson, DO
  • Joe and Barbara Kirkwood
  • Rieger and Suzanna Lesiow
  • John and Lucy Lower
  • Kelly Morgan
  • Sidney and Diane Paradine
  • Preston and Barbara Parish
  • Jonathan and Robin Rowe
  • Frederick and Katherine Sawchuck
  • Glenn Schulz
  • Joe and Barbara Serra
  • Raymond and Reta Sikkenga
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steele
  • John Stetler
  • Linda Tarmnel
  • Paul and Ione Trap
  • Mr. and Mrs. D.R Wilson
  • Dr. Norman and Mrs. Amos
  • Marianne Blanchard
  • Barb Dowdle
  • William and Luann Hoffman
  • Bob and Donna Huntley
  • Charles R. Huntley
  • Richard and Carol Jaconette
  • Don and Phyllis Johnston
  • Ralph and Betty Kirch
  • Deborah and Desmond Kirkland Knight
  • Frances Isaac - in memory of Meg Masteller
  • Michael and Lee Papke
  • Clyde and Marcie Reynolds
  • Charles Romine
  • Dan and Viveca Skean
  • John and Nancy Sprandel
  • Gladys Stebbins
  • Laura Walters
  • Robert and Rosemarie Ward